lundi 19 octobre 2009

Nico Muhly - Speaks Volumes (2006)


Twenty-five-year-old composer Nico Muhly has been a bit of a celebirty in downtown New York circles recently, having worked with everyone from Antony (who guests on this record) to Philip Glass to Bjork. One of his symphonies premiered at Avery Fisher Hall when he was 22, and he has been promoted heavily by New Yorker critic Alex Ross. His debut here on the promising Bedroom Community label features seven gorgeous tracks combining electronics and acoustic chamber music, and it’s a stunning record in myriad ways. Produced by Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork, Bonnie “Prince” Billy), Speaks Volumes is an album that defies easy categorization, ostensibly classical, but with a playfulness and sense of adventure that separates it from traditional chamber music. Muhly throw much into the mix, from soft violins to staccato reeds to heavy percussion, creating an exquisite record never lacking in humor and fun. The amazing closer, “Keep in Touch,” features a stream of violas matched with Antony’s wordless vocals, bringing the record to a powerful finale.

Source : soundfixrecords

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