jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Anjali - The World of Lady A (2003)


When Gareth Gates meets the Kumars and goes Bollywood in a video, it's safe to say that the "new Asian underground" has comfortably arrived overground. One of its core figures, Anjali Bhatia, has here sculpted a more sophisticated, vibrant sound than the one presented on 2000's more sample-based debut, Anjali. Though it may not exactly put her up there with the Pop Idols (she's a bit too sophisticated for that), it should by rights ensure her a Mercury Music Prize nomination.

The World of Lady A is ravishingly exotic, embracing thunderously funky soundtracking, hip-hop beat mash-ups echoes of spy movies and bhangra parties, and, on the closing track, Stinging Sitars x 9, an inevitable hoedown from the school of Ravi Shankar. Through it all, there's Bhatia's soft, cooing voice, pitched between breathy Jane Birkinism (Rainy Day) and Billie Holliday seduction (Seven x Eight). Sleeved in lurid pinks, yellows and reds, the album recalls the exultant psychedelia of Primal Screams Screamadelica. This is a hugely sexy record by which it's almost impossible not to be aroused on some level.

Source : The Daily Telegraph 30 August 2003

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